PMI capacita a CONIN



250 CONIN´s administrators learnt Project Management


Within PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) scope and with PMI Nuevo Cuyo Argentina (PMINC) sponsorship, a 2.5-hours hands-on workshop was given to 250 administrators of CONIN Foundation during its annual 2016 meeting in September.

CONIN Foundation is a non-profit organization who prevent childhood undernourishment, providing assistance to more than 4,500 kids and 3,500 mothers, with more than 2,000 volunteers in 94 prevention centers, located in 7 countries. Since the foundation by Doctor Abel Albino in 1993, year after year, CONIN programs continue to grow around the world and they recognized that Project Management is an essential tool for their development.


The main collaborators for this workshop were Juan Olascoaga (PMIEF Liaison of PMINC), Gonzalo Gallego (Marketing SME) and Pablo Lledó (PMIEF Board of Directors) who delivered the workshop.

This was the fourth consecutive year we delivered a project management workshop to CONIN. This year the participants share lessons from the project management tools they are implementing (Project Charter, Scope Statement, WBS, Roles-Responsibilities) and developed a Risk Project Management Plan to more than 50 real projects they are already working on.

The main tools that CONIN´s administrators are implementing in their programs, were inspired on PMIEF materials like “How Project Management Can Be Used in Your Nonprofit”, “Project Management in NGOs” and “Project Management Skills for Life”.

CONIN´s Directors now support the use of project management tools across all the organization and many attendees shared real stories of the importance to define a clear scope statement for a successful project.

Paula Aragone, Relationships Manager from CONIN Mar del Plata, says: we learnt about the Project Charter and Scope last year and now we are implementing those concepts in every single project. The tools are so powerful to communicate our projects that we are engaging much more Sponsors to make things happen.

Many other participants share their real stories and the great value of the project management tools to develop programs like Noreste Argentino Network, Aserrin-Aserran and Niño Escondido.

Finally, Dr. Abel Albino gave an outstanding presentation to close the workshop to inspire the 250 CONIN´s administrators to implement project management tools for a sustainable development.

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